Nirwana Luxury villa and private wedding venue Dining

Good food, effortlessly provided and gracefully served, is such an important part of a relaxing holiday experience. Such is the reputation of the chefs and cooks at Nirwana Luxury villa and private wedding venue that many guests choose to dine exclusively feel like their home.

Breakfast is a feast in itself, with a choice of continental, American or Indonesian favourites to start your day, and for lunch and dinner there’s an extensive suggestion menu of delicious home-style Indonesian, Asian and international dishes .There’s an excellent selection of easy bite menu, vegetarian option and kids menu, and the chefs can tailor dishes to accommodate any special dietary requirements, or prepare meals for up to 10 guests, should you wish to host a diner party while in residence.

Groceries and beverages are charged at market price (plus a 20% handling fee which is subject to service and tax at the prevailing rate). Guests are requested to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference. To make the most of the kitchen and give staff time to shop, it is a good idea to plan meals the evening before.